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     If you've ever worn gel  polish, you've probably wondered how to remove it.  Removing gel polish is easy and is definitely something you can do at home with Bluesky remover wraps!

    To keep your natural nails in good health you must refrain from picking your polish. I know it's fun to peel off big layers, but we all know that we shouldn't!  It's important to remove the gel polish safely, to prevent damage, and to prepare for future manicures.



  1. Remove the topcoat

You will need to use a 180 grit file to scuff up the topcoat. You don't need to remove it completely, but the more you remove, the quicker it will be for you when you're soaking.  Make sure to get in all the corners. You'll know if you have missed any bits because they will still be shiny!



  1. Protect your skin

You will be using acetone to remove the gel, and it is very drying by nature. To prevent your skin drying out, you can put some cuticle oil, lotion or Vaseline just around your nail to protect it.


  1. Soak the nails

Bluesky has these amazing  remover wraps that are going to allow you to get on with your life while you wait for your nails to soak. Simply tear the pack open, remove the paper backing of the sticky area and place your finger inside so the internal cotton pad is fully covering the prepared nail. Wrap the sides around your finger and stick them down.


     Alternatively, you can use cotton Pads and aluminium foil squares to soak the polish off. After roughing up/ removing the topcoat, place a cotton pad wet with acetone over your nail.  Wrap the aluminium foil square around your fingertip, securing the wet cotton in place.  


     Grab a quiet moment in front of the television and wait. 10 to 15 minutes is a general rule, but sometimes it takes longer.  When you remove the wrap/foil, you should see the polish bubbling and it should scrape away very easily. If you need to fight with it to come away from the nail, you need to soak longer. You can also use a hot water bottle, or a wheat bag to speed up the process with heat. 

This is what it should look like!


Once the gel polish has completely lifted from the nail, use an orangewood stick or a cuticle pusher to gently scrape it away. 


  1. TLC

Your nails will be dry and maybe a little bit rough feeling without your gel polish. Now is the time to give them a little love. Wash your hands to remove any acetone residue. Then you can give the nails a gentle buff and load them and the surrounding skin up with your favourite cuticle oil. 

Now you know how to remove gel polish at home! I told you it was simple.  Probably easier than picking it off and definitely less painful!

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