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Bluesky Platinum Range 

The Ultimate Glitter Gel Polish


     Hello and welcome to glitter heaven!  I am an absolute glitter addict but I normally opt to use loose glitter over ready mixed glitter gel polish.  I love all the different things you can do with loose glitter, but it can be a little bit messy and time-consuming.  Not to mention all the topcoat you need to use to get a smooth finish.  Now that I have used the Bluesky Platinum Range of ready mixed glitter gel polishes, I can see the appeal! Not only is it just easier in general, but it is great for beginners or home users as the only thing you need to complete the glittery goodness is the polish itself! 

Bluesky Platinum range

     I saw the platinum range of glitter gel polish from Bluesky and thought it looked absolutely beautiful on the website. I am glad to report that it didn't let me down!!  The Bluesky Platinum Range boasts 24 different glitter gel polishes in just about every shade you will ever need.  I have collected and will be showcasing 6 of my favourites. 

Bluesky Platinum Range


The 10ml Glitter gel polishes currently sell for 6.50 a bottle, which will allow you to paint your nails about 40 times with 2 coats before you need to replace it!  You will notice that a lot of the colours covered beautifully with one layer, and so it would last twice as long if you were happy with this look.


Bluesky Platinum Range One Coat






Bluesky Platinum 16

Bluesky Platinum Range 16


Platinum 16 will be a popular choice because it's pink! Not only is it pink, but it has almost a rose gold chrome type finish because of how much glitter is in it.  I loved the look of this one with 1 coat, but 2 coats give complete coverage. 


Bluesky Platinum 01

Bluesky Platinum range 01


Platinum 01 is a yellow gold fine cut glitter.  I am not generally a fan of yellow gold but this isn't too heavy on the yellow side.  Because it's a fine cut glitter, it glides beautifully over the nail and covers in 2 coats.  


Bluesky Platinum 11

Bluesky Platinum range 11


Platinum 11 is kind of a cross between gold and silver. It has a couple of different sizes of glitter, but none of them are too big, so it doesn't leave a rough finish.  It also has some holographic glitter particles as well which really catch the light!


Bluesky Platinum 12

Bluesky Platinum range 12


Platinum 12 is this beautiful aquamarine colour.  It is a fine cut silver glitter in an aquamarine gel.  This colour did require 3 coats for perfect coverage but I think you will agree that it's totally worth that extra coat! 


Bluesky Platinum 15

Bluesky Platinum Range 15

Platinum 15 is a fairly light shade of purple.  It has several sized cuts of glitter including some super shiny holographic particles. It's a bit lighter in colour than platinum 14 but also covered beautifully in 2 coats.


Bluesky Platinum 14

Bluesky Platinum range 14


 Platinum 14 is a densely packed dark purple fine cut glitter.  Purple is my favourite colour so I may be a bit biased, but this gel polish is just heavenly. Using glitter gel polish is so much easier and quicker than applying loose glitter.  This one, just like the pink, covers beautifully in just one coat.  I think I am addicted now 😂



Matte Vs Shiny

Matte glitter is an idea that I toy with from time to time. It doesn't always suit every design, but it can be a beautiful addition to a soft subtle look.  I actually once had a client request a glitter that didn't actually "glitter".  I am just now realizing that I could have put a matte topcoat on as an easy solution to that dilemma because as we all know, most glitters do in fact... glitter.  What I really like about the matte finish on glitter nails is that you can almost see each individual glitter particle.  Especially on the ones which have a variety of sizes. 

You can pick up a Bluesky Matte Topcoat here.

Bluesky Platinum Range matte Vs shiny


I love ombre-ing glitters together.  If you struggle with ombre, glitter gel polish is the perfect product for you to practice with.  It's easier than combining solid colours.  My love of purple is really showing here, in that I used it on all three nails that I decided to ombre.  I did 2 layers, blending each glitter into the other without using a base colour.  If you need help with your ombre skills, check out this video! How to Ombre with Gel Polish 


Bluesky Platinum Range ombre


Platinum Range Open Bottles

I really like this collection.  It catches the light like a diamond in the sky, doesn't require a lot of topcoat to get a smooth finish and covers beautifully. If I had to choose a favourite it would be Platinum 14, but if you asked me again tomorrow it's entirely possible that I will have changed my mind.  You can't blame me though, they are all so beautiful!  Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments.




If the question is glitter the answer is yes



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