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Easy Nail Art You Can Do At Home

Just because you're doing your own nails, doesn't mean that they need to be plain and boring. There are dozens of products on the market that will allow you to create a unique and eye-catching manicure without stepping foot in a salon. Check out these 5 easy designs that you can do on your nails at home!



Matrix Gel

Matrix Gel

Matrix geis a really stringy gel that you can stretch out into thin strands. You can either use this with a dotting tool by dipping and dragging it over and around the nail, or by placing a small amount between your fingers and pressing them together to make many thin strands before laying them over the nail. It can be messy and does take a little bit of practice but it's as easy to do with your dominant hand as it is to do with your non-dominant so it's perfect for the home user. Check out this tutorial for more nail art ideas with Bluesky Matrix Gel.



Glitter Nails

My favourite thing to jazz up every and any manicure is glitter! You can use a loose glitter or a glitter gel polish like the Platinum Range from Bluesky. You can use as little or as much glitter as you want on your manicure.  Mixing it up with an ombre and a full cover is a great combination. Check out this playlist for more ideas using glitter! 



Abstract Nails

This is one of my favourite nail art designs.  It looks complicated but really it is very simple. This look was created by brushing small amounts of different coloured gel polish onto a nail. Once you have your different strokes of colour cured, you can add some small groups of stripes and dots before adding a little bit of foil. It's messy looking but it works!


Blossom Gel

Blossom nails

There are a lot of designs you can create with blossom gel, but my favourite and probably the easiest is the simple rose. Working from the centre out, create thin curved lines in the colour of your choice to create this beautiful pattern. The coloured gel spreads out slowly giving this beautiful ombre effect. There are endless designs you can do with blossom gel, you can find a step by step video for this design and more here. 


Geometric Patterns

Geometric Nail

This is always a very popular salon design, but with a steady hand and a striping tool, you can easily create this at home. Start by making an "X" right in the middle of the nail. Working from the centre out on all 4 sides, make several "v's" to fill in space. This looks great over a plain coloured polish but I prefer to do it over a full glitter nail for that extra wow factor. 

It also looks awesome on toes! Geometric toes


Whatever you decide to do with your manicure, we would love to see it! Tag us @gelnailsuk to be featured on our Instagram. 

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