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Bluesky Hard Gel | Add Strength To Your Natural Nails


     I've got really soft, damaged nails.... Sound familiar? Bluesky hard gel to the rescue  This product is applied over your natural nails to give them the extra strength they need so they can grow long and strong! 


Pink Hard Gel Chic Nails By Charlotte

Pictured above-Chic Nails by Charlotte

What is Hard Gel by Bluesky?

Use Bluesky Hard Gel to add extra strength to your natural nails - giving them the protection they need to grow long and strong. Hard Gel comes in a bottle so that you can paint it directly onto the nails, meaning application is as easy as applying gel polish itself! If you can paint your nails ~ you can use Hard gel


What you will need:

Bluesky base coat

Hard gel colour of your choice 

Directions for use: 

You can use a Bluesky Base Coat before you begin but it isn't required! Many users report long-lasting results without a base coat. 

Apply Hard Gel directly to the nail to add strength.

Cure for 60 seconds LED/120 seconds UV.

Repeat as desired, but 3 coats are recommended. 

Finish by applying your favourite Bluesky colour or just a shiny Top Coat for that natural look. 

 Check out this video tutorial for more help!


Pink Hard Gel 1 coat Vs 3 coats  

Pictured above, Sandy's Perfect 10 used 1-2 thin layers to keep that natural look.   S.O. Nails used several thicker layers to achieve a soft opaque pink.


 What else can I do with Hard Gel by Bluesky?

Hard Gel by Bluesky is not only used to give strength to your natural nails, but it is also used for short nail extensions and uneven nail surfaces.

For uneven nails use Bluesky Hard Gel after the base coat and before the colour coat to make the nails look even and the colour coverage uniform.

If your gel polish chips easily, then use the Hard Gel after the Colour Coat but before the Top Coat for longer lasting nails.



What are the colours actually like?

Clear is just as you would expect... Crystal clear. It's also great for encapsulating glitters to get a smooth clear finish. 

Clear hard gel

Pink is a creamy pale pink that is almost opaque in colour after about 4 thin layers. 

Pink hard gel

Soft clear pink is also completely clear but has a bright pink tinge to it. It gives the nail a nice healthy colour while keeping it natural. 

Soft clear pink hard gel

White is a creamy semi-opaque white. This is similar to the pink colour and will not give you complete coverage like a white gel polish would. But it's perfect for creating a bright natural-looking free edge.

White hard gel

Cant this be used to sculpt extensions?

Generally, Hard Gel by Bluesky is only recommended for very short extensions and reinforcement/overlays but some of our lovely customers are successfully using it for short sculpted extensions. If you're looking for more strength try out our builder gel.

For more information on how to create extensions with Hard gel click here 

How many layers should I do?

You can do as few or as many layers as you like. If you're looking for strength, more is ideal. 3 is usually enough but depending on the quality of your nails and the thickness of your layers, you may need more. 

Does it soak off with acetone?

Yes! Hard gel is removed in exactly the same way Bluesky gel polish is removed. File off any colour/Top Coat and soak the nails in acetone for 15 minutes. Scrape away the gel gently with an orangewood stick.  Repeat if necessary.

Do I need a base coat?

Base-coat is generally recommended, but customers are reporting long-lasting results without it. So if you have it, you can use it but if you don't or you don't want to, it's not necessary!

Can I infill it?

Yes! You can infill this product to prevent removing and replacing it every time.  Just file off any colour or topcoat and any lifted product, prepare your natural nails as normal and apply the hard gel to the growth area. You may need to file the surface to get a smooth finish.  For video instruction click here!

Bluesky hard gel inspirational quotes



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