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Learn how to apply gel polish easily at home with our how to apply gel polish step by step guide. Painting your nails like a pro doesn’t need to be difficult! 
Do you want a long-lasting gel manicure but can't get to the salon? You can get that salon look at home with our easy guide on how to apply gel polish. In this article, GelnailsUK breaks it down in an easy to understand how to apply gel polish step by step guide, helping you achieve the best long-lasting results using Bluesky gel polish.
How to apply gel polish

To get the best results with your Bluesky Gel Polish, the natural nail needs to be clean and dry.  So wash your hands, scrub those nails and get them nice and dry before you begin your preparations.
These following steps are really important, so take your time!

  • File your nails into your preferred shape. Use a 180/240 grit file to shape your nails.
  • Use a metal cuticle pusher or an orangewood stick to gently push back your eponychium and scrape away any cuticle on the nail. The cuticle is a very thin layer of skin that typically attaches to the nail plate as it grows. 
  •  Buff the nails using a buffing block, just to remove the shine. Don't forget to replace your buffing block regularly as they get dull and will actually make your nails shiny. 
  • Wipe the nails with Bluesky preparation wipes. Make sure to get into all the corners and crevices, and even under the free edge removing all dust. Use this opportunity to double-check that each nail is clean, free of cuticle and slightly matte (from the buffing) rather than shiny. Get the wipes here!

How to apply gel polish-blue nails
 Step 2:  BASE COAT
Apply the base coat thin, but make sure you have even coverage. Swipe the brush along the free edge of the nail.  This is called 'capping the free edge' and it prevents chipping from wear and tear. 
Place your hand inside the UV lamp, and cure for 60 seconds (LED) 2 minutes (UV /CCFL ) 
Once your base coat is cured, it will be sticky. Do not let anything (other than your gel colour) touch it at this point. The tiniest bit of dust or fluff will ruin the final finish. 

Paint on your first layer of Polish! It's important not to get any polish in the skin. Try to leave a 1 mm gap between any skin and nail edge. Swipe the brush across the free edge, capping it with the polish. Just as you did with the base coat. Cure in the lamp for 60 seconds (LED) 2 minutes (UV/CCFL) 

Repeat step 3, applying a second layer of colour. 
How to apply gel polish - yellow nailsYou may have noticed that the colour layers are also sticky or 'tacky' when they are cured. This helps the layers bond together. 
Step 4: TOPCOAT 

Once your second layer of colour is cured, you can apply a layer of topcoat. Apply over the entire nail, capping the free edge and cure for 60 seconds (LED) 2 minutes (UV/CCFL)

Topcoat is essential for sealing and protecting your nails ad giving you that long-lasting shine unless you're a matte finish kind of person. Whichever you choose, make sure you check to see if it cures without a tacky layer. Some topcoats need to be wiped off with Isopropyl alcohol once they are cured. I recommend using Bluesky 'no wipe topcoat' so that you just cure and go! 
How to apply gel polish - pink nails
Now your manicure is complete, you should be confident in how to apply gel polish in the future! Bluesky gel polish will give you a beautiful shiny manicure that will last you about 2 weeks - That's if you can resist changing the colour before then!

We would love to see what colours you're wearing! Tag us @gelnailsuk to be featured on our Instagram!


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